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Grade 5 – How do plants grow?

Hello everyone!
It has been a warm sunny week! We went outside a few times to observe our plants. All of our plants are growing bigger and taller and some are starting to grow the vegetables. We have tiny eggplants growing, which are looking very cute. When we go to observe the growth of our plants, the students draw their observations, write a description of what they see, as well as their estimation of what might happen the next time they observe the plants.

For math, we also measured our plants. We investigated how many centermetres our plants are and will use these measurements to convert them into other measurements. After measuring, the students worked together to pull the weeds out. Students are very excited for the plants to keep growing strong!

We also did 2 experiments using iodine. 1. To test why some foods turn purple and others don’t. 2. Whether beans that are in different developmental stages have the same amount of starch or not. Students learned that if foods or other items have starch, the iodine will turn purple when added. From this, they concluded that plants need starch to grow. Therefore, fresh beans had lots of starch in them, but beans that have already sprouted and have started to grow have less.

To wrap up our line of inquiry 2, how do plants grow, students split into groups and created a poster including all the things they think are important for plants to grow while reflecting back on what we learnt so far. Any parts students thought should be included, but haven’t learnt yet were researched about and added into their posters.

Tomorrow is the star festival (Tanabata), so students wrote down their wishes and decorated them onto the bamboo tree!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and see you next week!