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Grades 3 and 4: Nature’s Gifts 🍙🥬🍊

Hi, everyone! Another hot week is behind us. How have you been dealing with the heat? The Grade 3 and 4 students are seemingly spending less and less time outside and sticking more and more to the refreshing, cool indoors. We have been making sure that the plants we planted are doing okay though, continuously watering them and building a net for our cucumbers to grow stronger. Our cucumbers and lettuce are already starting to bear fruit!

This week, the students continued making their waraji-style cloth slippers with their teacher, Ms. Nagaiwa. While last week’s lesson proved to be a little bit challenging for the students, they really came into their own with this week’s one, seemed to have a lot of fun, and made a lot of progress on their work. We have also inquired into the third Line of Inquiry of the Unit, “Nature’s gifts are plentiful”. We discussed the different things nature gives us and how people can, responsibly, use animals and plants for their benefit.

The students have also started their WIDA testing. Each ISN student, Grade 3 and above, will take listening, reading, speaking and writing tests over the course of two weeks. This is to assess the students’ current level of English skill, but also to help both their teachers and parents understand how to further work on improving it. Prior to taking the first, Writing test, the students seemed a little bit nervous, but, after getting accustomed to the testing method, got more confident and comfortable with the testing. Some students even expressed their desire to take more tests like this! The results of the test will be made available after the Summer break.

Speaking of the break, it, as well as ISN’s Summer Program, starting on July 24th. Please come and join us in different fun activities, park visits and workshops! Looking forward to seeing you there.