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Grades 3 and 4: Welcome Back!

Hi, all! It was nice to see everyone back to school this week after the Summer! ☀️

The students were very excited to talk about all the fun things they did, so we got back in the mood for school by preparing small posters or artworks on our holidays and presenting them to everyone. It was also lovely to see everyone’s homework videos, which were amazing. All the students laughed and excitedly commented on their friends’ adventures and I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the parents for the support and engagement with this project.🥺

On Friday, it was time for the school’s disaster drill. The students discussed the purpose of the emergency drills and what they need to do to stay safe in different situations. It is always good to revise the safety procedures so we can stay safe. ⛑️

There is a lot of exciting events happening in the school over the next several months: our Sports Day, Halloween, the annual Performance Day and so on. There is a lot of excitement surrounding these events, but they are not all about fun and play – some careful planning and practice is involved as well. The students spend some time this week discussing the game they as Grades 3 and 4 want to showcase at the event and choosing the song they will practice a dance to. It was fun to vote and share the results of the voting, ending with “Bones” being chosen as the dance performance song, and the students own, real-life version of Mario Kart being picked as a sport activity. Let’s enjoy the preparation journey and the event together! 🤾‍♂️

We have also welcomed a new student to the class this week! On has just moved to Matsumoto and was excited to meet his new classmates. Let’s all give him a warm welcome.

Next week, we will jump into learning head on by starting our third Unit of Inquiry of the year, following the topic of “Natural Phenomena”. We will inquire into the laws of physics, some basic chemical processes, how everything around us moves and changes, and natural disasters and everything we do to protect ourselves from them. 🌋

Have a great weekend!