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Great memories of Summer Program🌳🎉

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since our summer program ended. But actually, we still want to share with you the contents of this year’s summer program😍👌👌Now, the highlight of the third week is the “Woodworking Workshop” held on the last day of the program 🌼🌿 We invited an outside teacher to give us a lecture on this day🎵.

Each class started by cheerfully greeting their instructor! Together with their homeroom teachers, they help the students to use the tools safely. Once the Workshop begins, the children quietly enjoy their crafts! This time, we made a top, a car🚙, and a pistol🔫. Don’t they look easy? Actually…even adults find it difficult to find the right amount of force! All of the children were making their first handmade items with a hammer and hammer. They all did their best!

We had so many activities this summer. We also had so many participants that it was an irreplaceable summer memory. See you all again next summer!😎🎉🎆