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G1 – The start of something new

Hello, everyone! The month of October is the start of Unit 4.

It’s a new season for us because our next unit is connected to out Christmas performance.

We will be leanring more about art and storytelling.

Here we are brainstorming about the word storytelling. We are familiar with the word but we can’t really define what it is. Good thing our team members were able to share their ideas and help everyone in explaining some difficult words.

Show and Tell with my classmates!

We said goodbye to our tomatoes and bell pepper. We needed to take all the fruits because our garden will be fixed to make newer and nicer beds/plots.

It was sad to see the plants go but we are looking forward to the next planting season.

We learned about ancient art and what people used in the past in creating their art. For example, what kind of brushes do they use, where do they get their paint, and what do they use as papers.

Here we are explaining to everyone the sources that people used in the past. We learned that they used the walls as their easel, they used graphite or lead as then pencil, the horse hair and hog bristle are from animals, and the colors are from the flowers, fruits, soil. Everything is from nature!