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G1 – Cave Painting and Making Paints Out of Food

Hello, everyone!

After learning about the different ancient art supplies, we then researched on the example of ancient art. Some of these are found in caves! We learned about three cave paintings. First is the Cave of Altamira found in Spain. It is the oldest among the cave paintings. Second is the one found in France called Lascaux. Third is Cuevo de las Manos in Argentina.

We made our own cave paintings and we used ouur classroom walls for this activity. It was a difficult task because we were not used to painting on walls but we thought it was more difficult if we really did it inside a cave because it would be so dark!

Good thing we were able to finish on time.

Helping each other to finish the cave painting on time.

It was a bit diffocult to mix the paint and come up with a very bright color. Most of the colors we got from the food was light. BUt it looked so beautiful and smelled so nice. We wanted to eat our cave painting. The food we used were coffee, gree tea, grapefruit tea, curry, blueberries, and cayenne pepper.

It was a fun activity!