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\\Grade 4// Blog for October 3rd to 7th🏠🌈

Hi folks,

How goes that saying about the best-laid plans of mice and men, well, G4 duly defined this phrase with their brushwood hut construction this week.

When we first started planning for this exercise, the students were invited to employ a P.L.A.N. system (Problems, List, Action & Notice). This means firstly listing any potential Problems, then Listing ideas to fix the problems, considering the required Actions to meet these ideas and finally Noticing what did and didn’t work well afterwards.

So, as soon as the hut frame was in place a big storm in the form of their teacher promptly rattled the sides and down came the hut in the teary blink of an eye .

When we returned to the classroom I was impressed with the reflective ability of the students in addressing why the hut failed. They reasoned that (a) they probably could have researched hut construction more deeply and (b) learning how to do knots properly would also have helped.

In the final part of this week we worked on a project imagining how our neighbourhoods will look in the year 2052.

This was fun and engaging and the students seemed to relish the creative possibilities of envisaging their potential surroundings.

All the best for the week ahead.



今週のGrade 4の活動をお知らせします!

さて、今週のGrade 4は、ブラシウッド小屋を建設し、このフレーズを上手に定義できました!